Our Goals

~ To impact the well-being of every living soul by creating a truly sacred place where time and space cease to exist—where each remembers who they are and feels their interconnectedness with the whole.

~ To create a space where people can remember the power that is generated when they take a deep breath. 

~ To contribute to peace on the planet by creating a space, not too far from city life, where one can connect back in with nature and experience the effects of reduced stress, anxiety, and depression. 

~ To stoke and maintain the incredible energy that is generated by the property and radiates from the land.

~ To continue to allow the property to grow, expand, and change as it desires. We are currently raising funds to build a conference hall, complete with kitchen and restroom facilities. More information on that can be found here. Eventually, we will add small cottages.  

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Our Purpose and Goals for the Sanctuary



Our Purpose

~ We are committed to evolution through community, re-igniting humanity’s connection with nature, and non-denominational spiritual education. 


~ We help people to develop a healthier and happier outlook on life, seek inner peace through meditation and yoga, and gain a deeper understanding of themselves through remembering how to live in harmony with nature.
~ We are a safe, quiet, natural environment—truly a sanctuary—where individuals and families can retreat for a day or a weekend to foster inner peace, restore themselves, reconnect, and integrate mind, body, and spirit. 
~ We are a gathering place where groups may hold workshops or retreats that maintain principles of meditation, reflection, physical health, stress management, peace, love, harmony with nature, and community. 
  ~ We are here to serve. We are a non-profit organization that operates on donations and revenue from programs. All donations are Tax Exempt from the IRS.