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Growth Plan: Conference Hall


The Proposed Conference Hall

During our last big on-property event of the 2018 season, it became apparent that we are serving more people than our accommodations for guests and workshops can currently handle.
Part of our mission is to support growth through community and education, so we have decided to add a conference hall, complete with a kitchen and restrooms. The building will be able to accommodate 40 yoga mats, and will be available for use for workshops in this beautiful, energizing, serene, and powerful setting.  
Since the sewer system and the well need to be upgraded before we can start construction, this is a considerable undertaking—both physically and financially. We are currently in fund-raising mode (phase 1) of this project. The goal is to have the building up and running by Spring 2020..
Our own Ian Havill was kind enough to begin bringing this vision into reality by creating this digital drawing of the Conference Hall. The finished building will measure 2550 square feet and the design is simple to compliment the rustic landscape and the rest of the structures at the sanctuary. 
The entire project will cost $250,000 and will be completely funded by donations*. No donation is too big or too small, and all are accepted with gratitude and blessings. .