Meditation Hall, 12 sided 40 x 40 feet.

Jim Stout Architect

~~ All proceeds of the webinar are being donated towards the cost of the construction of the Meditation Hall. Our deepest gratitude to the facilitators for this gracious Gift.

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~~Energize Your Life Webinar Series ~~

Over the course of two afternoons, you will learn tools and techniques to increase your energy and vitality that can be simply incorporated into your life. You will receive tools to keep in your toolbox to assist you through growth and change as you need them. You will learn techniques to clear old energies and activate new ones to further you on your path to and through your life’s mission.

This workshop will be overlighted by Archangel Michael and Lady Faith and will include:

  •  an introduction to Quest for Mastery, the teachings of Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman.
  •  information on energizing the physical body via nutrition,
  •  how movement can improve your health and change your life.
  • simple, powerful meditations to calm, energize, and quiet your mind 
  • channelings from Nicole Thibodeau.

Dates: Sat. June 28th and Sun. June 29th Time: 12-3 EST

Investment: $88
You will also receive a file to listen to it in the future.



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~~Facilitators of the Energize Your Life Webinar Series ~~

 "Energize Your Life" Webinar


~~Fabienne Fooij has her roots in The Netherlands. Her spiritual journey has led her to energy modalities such as Magnified Healing, Oneness Deeksha and Integrated Energy Therapy. Now, as one of Ronna Herman's Level IV QFM Master Teachers, she loves to hand both adults and kids tools to create a life of joy and harmony. More info:

~~Theresa Venezia is an Energy Therapist, Holistic Health and Wellness Coach, and Spiritual Teacher. She has successfully been helping people heal physical, mental, and emotional wounds for most of her life. She is the founder and owner of Healthy Vibrant You, a spiritually-based healing practice where people become empowered to take their health and healing into their own hands. For more information, visit

~~Nicole Thibodeau is a Channel for various Beings of Light, Divine Mother and the Angelic Mothers. She is a Certified Quest for Mastery teacher, a Graduate from the Gaïa Mystery School and Open to channel course both of Australia, and also a Reiki Master. She offers energetic healing sessions and various workshops to help people to open their hearts even more so they may receive and give love freely and re-empower themselves. Nicole is from the great region of Montreal, Canada and is fluent in French and English. You can contact her at: