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~ Ma Mokshapriya Shakti Saraswati Ph.D. is an ordained Swami in the Hindu Tradition. She is an agent of change who teaches self-empowerment—inspiring people to make big changes through her down-to-earth interpretation of complex philosophy. She inspires and guides at the Yogashakti Ashram in Queens, New York. Her direct, approachable, and incredibly loving nature help her students to illuminate their own personal paths with ease and grace. 
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About the City of Light

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Ronna Herman-Vezane is and internationally known messenger of Archangel Michael. His messages of hope and inspiration through Ronna have been featured in hundreds of New Age, inspirational and spiritual publications around the world, and they have been translated into most major languages. You can reach Ronna at

​Special Guests:

~ In September of 2012, Ronna Herman-Vezane came to visit the property and brought a direct message from Archangel Michael, which validated Mokshapriya in the steps she had taken, as well as deepened our understanding of exactly what we had all been working toward for a few years.
​~ Michael showed us, through her, where there are caverns of sacred crystals and explained how our community (the ones we knew and the ones that had not yet been called) needed to be present in this sacred space in order to re-activate those sacred crystals with loving intention and meditation.
~ Mokshapriya then journeyed to Mount Shasta and activated the lay-line between Shasta and the City of Light Sanctuary. 
Ronna then returned to The City of Light in September 2018 to continue with the activation of these sacred crystals and brought the energy that was needed to finish connecting the lay-line between Shasta and this sacred land. 

~ Ronna then channeled a special message from Archangel Michael for us all (click on youtube video to hear the full message)  


Nudged By Spirit—How We Came to Be

​~ The City of Light Sanctuary began when Archangel Michael nudged Mokshapriya to purchase the founding 30 acres of property in 2009. From the beginning, when our neighbor, Mr. Greer, took her through the property, she was all-in because she felt the sacredness of the land. 
Through divine grace, and a lot of hard work, we were we able to finance and re-energize the property. Though most of what was on the land had to be carted away of torn down, we were able to restore one of the old cottages and the barn—the cottage currently serves as the main building.  
~ The only thing missing from the property that had been on  Mokshapriya’s channeled checklist was naturally flowing water. She knew that this was a requirement for the land and that this was one of them, but she knew this was the place and trusted the process. At the same time, she had access to some pretty large machinery. So she built a lake, complete with a water pump, koi, and frogs. 
​~ Since that time, we’ve added an open-air yoga pad, a meditation hall (the Shanti Kutir), a Shiva temple, an octagonal gazebo, and hiking trails throughout the property. (Not to mention all of the work you don’t see, like thinning the forest, building drainage ditches, etc.)
~ In 2016, Mokshapriya was again nudged and she purchased the adjacent 13 acres, complete with a flowing brook. She finally had the flowing water that was on her original requirement list for the property. 

Why This Place is Special

~ There is truly a place for everyone on this land. There are many, many different energies, and we have discovered that they correspond to the energies of various parts of Mount Shasta and other sacred places throughout the world. 

~ No matter what your personal story or belief system, you will feel welcomed and loved at City of Light Sanctuary. 

~ The land vibrates to meet you, clear you, and fuel you. And your being there does the same for it.